UP = move your pad UP
DOWN = move your pad DOWN
SPACE = start game
LEFT = RIGHT = open menu

SPACE - choose menu item
LEFT/RIGHT - move through menu items
UP/DOWN - leave menu
After pressing one of import buttons, PASTE things you want import and then press SPACE. To abandon import or export menu press UP

To start normal game, press left and then choose "rest/Game"
The same you have to do when there is an urge to reset points.
To learn your computer opponent from your moves, choose "rest/Learn". When the ball is moving too
fast, you should enter the menu and again choose "rest/Learn" to reset the ball to the starting position.
If you want computer to play good from the beginning, use this file, enter
menu, choose "import wgh" and paste this file's content. The same procedure applies when you want to store
your custom-crafted AI.
This (200KB!) file contains information to learn from, you can paste its content in
"import ex" menu category.And last thing - to stop learning, you must press space again over menu item "Learn now".